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Pond Lining using Pond liner / Geomembrane

pond with liner

Water is one of the most basic human needs and is one of the most important natural resources. All forms of life are dependent on it. There is scarcity of water resources and water is becoming more costly. It is therefore, very essential to properly conserve and manage this natural resource and regulate its use to obtain maximum benefits.

farm pondlining

The major portion of stored water in an excavated pond is lost due to seepage. The requirement to provide a barrier against high rates of water seepage loss is already a reality in the way of pond lining method. Lining the ponds by installing PVC coated synthetic fabric liner or Multilayer Co-Extruded film Geomembrane or HDPE liner has proved to be an effective seepage proof and an economical solution.

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A pond liner is a waterproof geomembrane used for water retention, including the lining of farm ponds, water storage ponds, garden ponds, residential decorative ponds, koi ponds, commercial decorative ponds, golf course ponds, leisre parks, rain water harvesting ponds, fish ponds and water reservoirs. Pond liners need to be protected from sharp objects (for example, stones) below the liner. Protection can be provided with a layer of fine sand or non woven polyester geotextile fabric or pp geotextile fabric.

farm pondlining

Site preparation & Anchoring:- Preparation of the pond surface

After the basin is excavated, the surface of the excavated area should be free from sharp objects. If the surface consists of coarse particles, a layer of fine sand should be spread on top. For anchoring the liner, a trench should be excavated around the pond. The trench allows for the burying of the liner around the perimeter and is usually the easiest and most cost effective way to secure the liner. Liners are installed covering the bottom of the trench and applied towards the basin. After the liner is buried inside the trench the trench is filled with the excavated soil.

Farm pond liner

Both side pvc coated synthetic Pond Liner / Geomembrane :-

    We are leaders in customization of pvc coated liner for various applications.

    Coffee, Pepper estate pond

  • Manufactured as per International, Industrial and Indian standards.
  • Both side - virgin PVC Coated synthetic fabric pond liner have been manufactured using 1000 denier Nylon fabric.
  • Available in the range of 380 GSM & 750 GSM.
  • Aquatic Safe - Fish friendly(used for fish cultivation).
  • Weather Resistant - UV Stabilized.
  • Excellent Breaking and Tearing strength ( IS: 7016 part II/ISO-1421,2286 and BS: 3424 7A ).
  • Very good ageing properties.
  • Highly flexible pond liner.
  • Can be used for rainwater harvesting pond, farming pond, water storage pond, garden pond, grow beds, fish pond, canals and Lakes.
  • Onsite customization, offsite (prefabricated) customization and installation of pond liner is available.


Multilayer Co-Extruded film Geomembrane [SUNCOOL]:-

We are the leading supplier of Multi layer Co-Extruded film of HDPE/LDPE FIVE layers technology for a wide variety of applications.

Thickness: 250 microns to 1500 microns

Width: Upto 10 meters

Standard: As per IS 2508

geomembrane customization

  • Maximum use of each rain drop.
  • Highly flexible & high strength.
  • Durable for longer periods.
  • Chemical substances resistant.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Good weatherability.
  • Economical with excellent cost efficiency.
  • Prevents pollution of ground water & water loss.

  • U.V. Stabilized.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Excellent water permeability property.
  • Tensile-impact strength.
  • Tear resistance and flex crack resistance.
  • Environmental stress cracking resistance.
  • Tightly sealed with advanced welding system.

  • farm pondliner

    Multilayer GRI-GM30 compliant Geomembrane [RHINOMAT]:-

    We are the leading supplier of Multi layer HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE SEVEN layers technology geomembrane for a wide variety of applications.

    Thickness: 500 microns to 1000 microns

    Width: Upto 12 meters

    Standard: As per ASTM method

    geomembrane customization

  • Hydrostatic, puncture, and abrasion resistance stands up to the toughest installation, maintenance and environmental stresses.
  • Highly flexible & high strength.
  • Meets or exceeds properties of Category 1 (Severe) of the GRI-GM30 specification from the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI).
  • High strength woven core and engineered coatings provide outstanding longevity and chemical resistance.
  • UV resistant Surflex technology.
  • Good weatherability.
  • Economical with excellent cost efficiency.
  • Impressive UV, Ozone & Oxidation resistance.

  • geomembrane customization

  • All layers contain U.V. protection.
  • Inner woven core layer provides dimensional stability with impressive tensile and tear strength.
  • Hydrostatic Resistance: 2X traditional coated woven geomembranes.
  • Proprietary Polyolefin blend film technology.
  • High tear resistance and flex crack resistance.
  • Environmental stress cracking resistance.
  • Abrasion, puncture & chemical resistant construction.

  • Multilayer GRI-GM13 compliant Geomembrane [SOLMAX]:-

    We are the leading supplier of Solmax geomembrane for a wide variety of applications. Solmax HDPE geomembrane liners are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, compounds and contaminants that may be found in agricultural projects. They are highly resistant to UV radiation and are suitable for use at elevated temperature. Solmax HDPE Liner series meets or exceeds all the requirements of the internationally recognized GRI GM-13 standard for HDPE geomembrane liners.

    geomembrane customization

    Thickness: 500 microns to 1500 microns

    Width: 8 meters

    Standard: As per ASTM method

    geomembrane customization

    Ideal for Water harvesting & conservation, Canals & Reservoirs, Field channels, Salt pans, Aquaculture, Agricultural water management, Converters, Sewage treatment facilities, Waste disposal sites, Subterranean structures, Road works, Runways, Construction sites as well as Solid waste management.

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